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The pioneer pet sweater factory in China for export production.
18 year
For 18 years, we've been dedicated to producing and exporting pet sweaters.
We create and develop 2300 new pet sweater styles annually

Founded in 2004 PupWarm is pet Sweater brand offering trend-forward quality Sweater crafted from the boldest prints.

Our collection promise vibrant colors and high texture season after season. We source and craft every wear and accessories with at utmost care to insure we deliver the best quality to our customers.

We insist on ‘Serving our Clients Better’ from the beginning to the end with Whatever style, fabric, crafts, package, delivery and other services required. we also offer OEM/ODM for customers seeking to customize to their requirement.

At Pupwarm we are an innovative and value driven company with a goal to manufacture high quality pet Sweater to meet customer satisfactorily, we have earned a good reputation which has allowed us to expand our sells to more than Ten(10) countries

PupWarm,Cozy comfort for your furry companion

---- always in style.

We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

For 18 years, we've been dedicated to producing and exporting pet sweaters.We create and develop 2300 new pet sweater styles annually
  • 2005

    PupWarm Brand was Established

    The PupWarm brand was established in 2005, with the goal of creating high-quality, stylish, and comfortable pet sweaters. At the time, the company focused on designing and manufacturing pet sweaters for the domestic market.

  • 2008

    PupWarm Started Export Business on OEM/ODM Basis

    In 2008, PupWarm expanded its operations by starting an export business on OEM/ODM basis. This allowed the company to cater to the needs of pet owners worldwide and reach a broader market.

  • 2010-2015

    Expansion and Growth

    During this period, PupWarm continued to grow and expand, introducing new and improved designs, materials, and sizes. The factory's production capacity increased, enabling PupWarm to fulfill larger orders and work with more clients.

  • 2016-2020

    Product Development and Innovation

    PupWarm focused on product development and innovation during this period, introducing new and innovative pet sweaters for different breeds, occasions, and seasons. The company invested heavily in research and development, ensuring that its products met the highest standards of quality, comfort, and durability.

  • 2021-2022

    Emphasis on Sustainability and Social Responsibility

    In recent years, PupWarm has placed an increased emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. The company has implemented eco-friendly production processes, using recycled and organic materials, reducing waste, and energy consumption. PupWarm has also worked to give back to the community by supporting animal welfare organizations and other charitable causes.

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